My reaction to “Full Frontal”

Published October 16, 2014 by klaramcdonnell

I didn’t see the start of Full Frontal on RTE tonight but caught the end. I’m guessing the part of my interview where I explained why I did the naked calender was cut out? The Girl Against Fluoride Campaign is important to me. I have an under active thyroid as does my mother and it is widely known that fluoride effects the thyroid gland. I’ve put on weight due to this…but from that shoot and Stellar I want to let people know to be comfortable in their own skin and have less hang ups:) Be as healthy as you can be and happy. I would also like to say, overall I really enjoyed the show and I am glad Ireland’s national broadcaster choose to make it. Going by Twitter this evening, there seemed to be a lot of viewers and positivity around the show. I think all the other ladies that did the Stellar naked shoot looked fab.


Having now seen the start of the show, I can say it looks like I am taking the piss out of something I believe in from the edit that was screened. Of course those words came out of my mouth but in a different order with other relevant words in between. My reasons for doing the calender were of course omitted. Anyone who knows me will see how clear this is. Thank goodness for blogs, eh :) Some may say there are political reasons behind this, then again perhaps I just got too serious and boring for the light heartedness of what is overall an enjoyable show.

Creepy short film I am in

Published October 14, 2014 by klaramcdonnell

A while back I acted in a short film, directed and written by Kevin Petrie. It was filmed entirely on an iPhone. It’s very creepy and since we are now in the month of my favourite creepy holiday, Halloween, I thought I should share it.

Check out the finished film and if you like it, do share!

“Full Frontal” new documentary

Published October 13, 2014 by klaramcdonnell

This Thursday I will be featured in Angela Scanlon’s new show, Full Frontal at 9.30pm on RTE 2. Angela is fronting a new 4 part documentary series and the first episode is about nudity and attitudes to it in Ireland.

Footage from behind the scenes at my Stellar magazine shoot (where I was naked) will be shown and I’ll be interviewed. I mentioned my naked shoot for “The Girl Against Fluoride” calender. I really hope that bit stays in the edit as the campaign is an important one to me.

Award nomination for “Twisted Escalator”

Published October 12, 2014 by klaramcdonnell

Hypno Puppet’s debut music video for “Twisted Escalator” has been nominated in the best music video category at The Underground Cinema Awards for this year.

The video of course stars myself and Sean Cray. It was directed by Patrick Murphy from Whispered Films. He has recently made well received music videos for Tupelo.

To find out more about his productions, check out the Facebook page:


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